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New Year, New Hobby!

“At first you're not sure how it's going to turn out, but soon you've become a practiced hand, churning out charming, all-natural homemade soaps and cleaners.” –Ayako Umehara, Soap Making for Beginners: 100% Pure Soaps to Make at Home (45 All-Natural Soap Recipes)

It’s 2024 pick up a new hobby this year! Here are some great books to consider if you decide it’s time for a hobby change. 

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Polymer Clay Jewelry: The Ultimate Guide to Making Wearable Art Earrings by Rachael Skidmore

It’s a new year, you need some new jewelry. Instead of buying some that's too easy why not make some more personal to you! 


Gudetama: The Official Cookbook: Recipes for Living a Lazy Life by Jenn Fujikawa

I am extremely inpatient when it comes to cooking. This book is perfect simple but delicious recipes that don’t take much effort to make! 

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Needle Felting for Beginners: How to Sculpt with Wool by Roz Dace and Judy Balchin

Get a jump start on your Christmas gifts early this year. Everyone is getting a little Needle felted animal this year whether they like it or not.    


Soap Making for Beginners: 100% Pure Soaps to Make at Home (45 All-Natural Soap Recipes) by Ayako Umehara

So you can smell better this year, learn how to make some soap. 

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52 Weeks of Easy Knits: Beautiful Patterns for Year-Round Knitting by Laine

New Year new sweaters to knit. 

Interested in buying? Check out the list here!