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Kramers Book Club Picks - May

I felt comfortable in a community that existed just for the moment, with simple, temporary relationships uncomplicated by past or future.” —Shoji Morimoto, Rental Person Who Does Nothing

Fiction Choice: 

Biography of X by Catherine Lacey: Written as a biography spurred by grief of their recently deceased wife, the famous artist X, widow CM sets out trying to delve into the secretive life of who X was. the journey takes CM down a dark rabbit whole full of lies, deception, and destruction. Through combining nonfiction and fiction storytelling, this book is an incredible read of grief, love, and art.

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Nonfiction Choice:

Rental Person Who Does Nothing by Shoji Morimoto: This short memoir is mostly told in tweets and specific stories with Shoji Morimoto is rented out by customers who want him to do... nothing. Mostly, he accompanies people to do tasks (i.e. the woman filing her divorce papers), and offers little to no conversation. No help, no advice--nothing. It's an incredibly fascinating read for anyone who might want to read a memoir, but not dedicate a whole week to reading it!

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Children's/YA Choice:

The Last Boyfriends Rules for Revenge by Matthew Hubbard: This coming-of-age queer YA is all about revenge--revenge against the ex-boyfriends who wronged them, but also against their small town Alabama problems that surface along the way. There's prom, there's a drag competition, there's drama, and there's a whole lot about what it means to be queer in small town.

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