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July New Releases We're Excited For!

July's new releases are going off with a boom (couldn't help it) and we hope you find a new good read!

Here are our Fiction and Nonfiction New Releases! 

Welcome to Glorious Tuga by Francesca Segal

Any book billed as “a contemporary James Herriot beneath the coconut palms,” has my attention. A London vet visits the tiny South Atlantic island to study tortoises, but ends up the animal doctor to the village, with some romance thrown in for good measure. 

Out July 2!

Concerning the Future of Souls by Joy Williams

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of this collection of bizarre, bite-size stories. I’m  halfway through and not entirely sure what’s going on, but I’m enjoying every moment of watching Azrael wrestle with Death, the Devil, and the impossibility of his task. 

Out July 2!

Goodnight Tokyo by Atsuhiro Yoshida

Over the period of a few nights, this novel looks at the interconnected lives of several people who work the night shift in Tokyo. I’m guessing this novel, Yoshida’s English language debut, will be perfect for those of us who peek in lit windows on evening walks. 

Out July 9!

Other Rivers: A Chinese Education by Peter Hessler

Anyone who read Hessler’s River Town will want to read this, as will anyone remotely interested in the interior workings of China. Hessler has taught there for decades, and has witnessed the tumultuous rise of the country through the lives of his students. 

Out July 9!

The Tree Collectors: Tales of Arboreal Obsession by Amy Stewart

By the author of The Drunken Botanist, this collection of illustrated vignettes is right up my alley. Stewart profiles 50 people around the world who build community around, teach about, or work to heal trees and forests. You can take the girl out of the country, but… 

Out July 16!

Ruin Their Crops on the Ground: The Politics of Food in the United States, from the Trail of Tears to School Lunch by Andrea Freeman

From the woman who coined the phrase, “food oppression,” this book takes a unique look at the use of food in American law and politics as a weapon of conquest and control. It may sound niche, but I think it’s going to be very important. 

Out July 16!

The Melancholy of Untold History by Minsoo Kang

This multi-voiced, expansive novel has been compared to David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, which means I’m automatically going to pick it up. Four complex tales interweave to mix East Asian mythos with postmodern storytelling. Something to sink your teeth into. 

Out July 16!

The Nude by C Michelle Lindley

Elizabeth’s trip to Greece to procure a rare statue takes an unexpected turn when she becomes infatuated with her translator’s wife. A sensual debut novel that explores art, cultural theft, morally complicated negotiations, and being a woman in a male-dominated profession. 

Out July 23!

The Horse by Willy Vlautin

Vlautin has been recommended to me by many writers I respect, so I’m looking forward to this novel that is a singular tale of art, addiction, loneliness, heartbreak, and the reality of life on the road in smalltime band. Madness, empathy, and roadies. 

Out July 30!

The Horse: A Galloping History of Humanity by Timothy C Winegard

Now this is a horse of a different color! (Sorry.) This is the fast-paced story of 5,500 hundred years of horses revolutionizing human life. An epic history that shows how knowing the majestic animal is knowing the story of humanity. 

Out July 30!

Here are our Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Children's New Releases!

Reckless by Lauren Roberts

Sequel to Powerless, Paedyn and Kai battle with duty and desire in this highly anticipated second installment in the sizzling and epic romantic fantasy trilogy that's packed with spicy tension and edge-of-your-seat betrayal. 

Out July 2!

Woe: A Housecat's Story of Despair by Lucy Knisley

WOE! SCREAM! MEOW! ...PURR? Join the hilarious and of course dramatic world of Linney the House Cat, as her webcomic antics are gathered into graphic novel for the very first time! This collection is perfect for cat lovers and Linney fans alike. 

Out July 2!

Ray's Big Day: A Journey at the Speed of Light by Josh Lewis

Little Ray of light launches from the sun, embarking on a journey through the solar system, visiting the planets, and continuing into the vastness of space beyond. For all the little space fans out there. 

Out July 2!

The Hunted States of America by Society of Childen's Book Writers and Illustrators, illustrated by Solomon Hughes

Fifty-two different stories. Fifty-two different Authors. Endless fright for all ages. Each state is based off a different urban legend. As a fan of urban legends and anthologies I will definitely check this one out.

Out July 9!

The Independent Pea by Maree Coote

Pea wanted to go it alone. Pea didn't need the pod. Pea was fine without them. But how can a single pea ever get to work with those big dinner legends like Pasta, Roasts and Sausages? Can Pea achieve success without the pod? 

Out July 9!

Portrait of a Shadow by Meriam Metoui

A missing sister. A mysterious boy. And a painting that holds the truth beneath its peeling edge. It is getting closer to spooky season, so give me all the spooky books! 

Out July 16!

On a Mushroom Day by Chris Baker, illustrated by Alexandra Finkeldey

Take a magical walk through the forest and learn all about the wild beauty and wonder of mushrooms on this inspiring picture book journey! 

Out July 16!

Bodega Cats: Picture Purrfect by Hilda Eunice Burgos, illustrated by Siara Faison

In the Heights meets Front Desk in this heartwarming and funny illustrated story about the friendship between a bodega owner's kid and his newly adopted furry friend, with a focus on family and community. 

Out July 23!


The Blonde Dies First by Joelle Wellington

A group of friends fight to choose their own fates in this trope-savvy, self-referential young adult thriller from the acclaimed author of Their Vicious Games, about a demonic force that acts according to horror movie rules in the spirit of the Scream movies. Her debut novel was my favorite book of last year so I can’t wait to read this one! 

Out July 30!

Meet the Cats by Welbeck Children's Books

Take an around-the-world trip to meet eight of the world's most beloved big cats! From lions in the hottest savannahs to snow leopards in the highest mountains, find out all about your favorite feline predators. For all the big cat lovers. 

Out August 6!


Despite spending decades on the East Coast, Llalan remains a stalwart Midwesterner. And although she has an MA in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College in Boston, she prefers the life of a Bookstore Lady. Llalan loves literary fiction, nature writing, and craft beer.

Jordan, our YA, middle grade, and children's book buyer, has a fraternal twin sister. She has never been on an airplane--the farthest she has ever traveled was New Jersey by train. She is an avid K-Pop Collector and owns over 500 K-Pop albums!

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