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In Conversation with Timothy Goodman: I Always Think It's Forever

In Conversation with Timothy Goodman: I Always Think It's Forever


Due to increased demand, we have added additional seats AND have moved this talk to the Dupont Circle Hotel Ballroom. Thank you for the support. See you there!

Dupont Circle Hotel
1500 New Hampshire Avenue
Washington, DC 20036

Timothy created this stunning graphic memoir based on his year abroad in Paris. For the first time in his life, he finally let himself love and be loved, but the deeper the love, the more crushing the heartbreak. This memoir shows Timothy confronting the traumas of his past, his own toxic masculinity, and finally showing up for himself. Some other highlights are admiration of French food, language, and culture, along with funny bits about online dating, drinking, and more.


M´╗┐oderated by Mari Andrew. Author will stay to answer questions and sign books after discussion.


Timothy Goodman is an award-winning artist, graphic designer, author, and public speaker. His art and words have populated walls, buildings, packaging, shoes, clothing, books, magazine covers, and galleries all over the world for brands such as Apple, Nike, Google, MoMA, Netflix, Tiffany & Co., Samsung, Yves Saint Laurent, Sundance, Uniqlo, Target, The New Yorker, and The New York Times. He regularly partners with not-for-profit organizations and schools to create art for communities in New York. He’s the author of Sharpie Art Workshop and the cocreator of several projects including the viral blog and book 40 Days of Dating. His first solo gallery exhibition, I’m Too Young to Not Set My Life on Fire, was on view in Manhattan in 2021. Timothy’s work often discusses mental health, therapy, manhood, race, politics, heartbreak, and love. He teaches at School of Visual Arts, regularly speaks around the world at creative conferences, and enjoys sharing his life on Instagram. He lives in New York City.


Mari Andrew (rhymes with "starry") is a Brooklyn-based New York Times bestselling author, artist, and speaker, who has gained an international reputation for joyfully philosophical illustrations and essays that meander between deep and light, bitter and sweet. Her books include the New York Times Bestseller Am I There Yet? and My Inner Sky.