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In Conversation with James Dashner: The House of Tongues

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The House of Tongues is a southern gothic adult horror by #1 NY Times Bestseller James Dashner.


The House of Tongues is occult horror writing at its strongest. It portrays the vivid dilemma of family man David Player's return to his childhood home, the scene of kidnapping, murder, and curses David barely escaped from in the past.

Why return to such a threatening milieu? He's confronting his childhood demons, as well as visiting his parents. No sooner does he cross the threshold than old demons arise in new forms to pose a new series of threats.

Readers who recognize James Dashner's name from his acclaimed The Maze Runner will find quite a different approach here, in a horror story replete with elements of psychological self-inspection and occult influences.

Violent confrontations and scenarios of torture are mitigated by a story line that adds emotional depth into the choices, actions, and consequences of characters who both escape from the House of Tongues and, 30 years later, return to reconcile traumatic memories with reality.

The strong sense of place and characters that steep the plot with emerging realizations and confrontations makes for an occult horror story recommended for genre readers who enjoy surprising developments and are equipped to absorb the violence that accompanies revelation.

Libraries catering to supernatural fiction readers will find The House of Tongues an excellent, well-developed story.

The Author will stay to sign books after the reading and Q&A session.

About The Author:

James Dasher is the #1 NY Times Bestselling author of over a dozen books, including The Maze Runner series (movies by 20th Century Fox, now owned by Disney). He grew up in Georgia but now lives in the Rocky Mountains with his wife and their four children. For more information on him and his books, events, etc., please visit