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Happy Father's Day!

"A dad bod is considered the perfect balance between regular exercise and downright laziness." --Orange Hippo!, The Little Book of Dad: Perfect Words for Awesome Dads

Happy Father's Day to all the joke-filled, helping hand, and couch surfing dads out there!

There Are Dads Way Worse Than You: Unimpeachable Evidence of Your Excellence as a Father by Glenn Boozan, illustrated by Priscilla Witte

This dad compendium is a hilarious gift for all the dads out there who need a reminder that they're doing great--they're certainly not the Darth Vaders of the universe! This gift is great for fans of pop-culture icons and movies!

Dad Jokes: Good, Clean Fun for All Ages! by Jimmy Niro

With over 600 jokes, this is a great gift for all the knee-slapping jokesters in your life! 

Because of You, Dad by Kobi Yamada and Natalie Russell

In this gorgeously illustrated book is a celebration of dad and how your world is better for having him in it. A beautiful gift to remind someone how much they are appreciated even just for their presence.

The Little Book of Dad Jokes: So Bad They're Good by Hippo! Orange

There are never enough dad jokes in the world (we know, it's a painful thought), and this book is just fuel to the fire for the funniest--or not--guy you know!

The Little Book of Dad: Perfect Words for Awesome Dads edited by Orange Hippo!

This book is filled with dad jokes, quotes, to-do lists, and even dad bod tips!

Dad, I Wrote a Book about You by M. H. Clarl  

With simple, but creative writing prompts, this little book becomes an incredibly personal gift the moment you open it and start writing your own bits of love and happiness in it. 

Interested in buying? Check it out here!