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April New Releases We're Excited For!

April showers bring April new releases! Check out these new releases our book buyers handpicked like fresh Spring flowers!

Here are our Fiction and Nonfiction New Releases! 

I Cheerfully Refuse by Leif Enger

This is going to be a good month, if only because my favorite author has a new book out! An epic tale of Gulliver-esque proportions that takes place on Lake Superior in a not-too-distant, but decidedly dystopic, future. If you can’t get your hands on this, try Enger’s Virgil Wander!   

Out April 2nd!

All Things Art Too Small: Essays in Praise of Excess by Becca Rothfeld

And speaking of epics, Rothfeld writes in praise of excess in her new collection of essays. Marie Kondo advised only keeping 30 books in your house. What?! Rothfeld helps us understand why, sometimes, bigger is better. 

Out April 2nd!

A Good Happy Girl by Marissa Higgins

This is a novel about what women want and about women who take what they want. They’re not always likable, but the tale of twisted desires, queer love, and domesticity promises to be quite likable, indeed. 

Out April 2nd!

You Are Here: Poetry in the Natural World by Ada Limon

Edited by our current Poet Laureate, this collection includes such poet-famous names as Diane Seuss, Joy Harjo, and Jericho Brown. Every poem relates somehow to the natural world, and I look forward to taking this book outside to read under a tree.   

Out April 2nd!

The Age of Magical Overthinking: Note On Modern Irrationality by Amanda Montell

Montell, author of Cultish and Wordslut, discusses “magical thinking,” or the belief that our thoughts affect the outside world. With signature humor, she takes on mainstream irrationality and sheds a light on our cultural delusions. 

Out April 9th!

Briefly Perfectly Human: Making an Authentic Life by Getting Real about the End by Alua Arthur 

Arthur is a death doula, and therefore, something of an expert on dying. Her message is simple: thinking about your death will bring new potential into your life. Easier said than done, but she has some guidance for us. 

Out April 16th!

Indian Burial Ground by Nick Medina

Speaking of death, the facts of a suicide don’t add up in this novel that takes place on tribal lands that might be hiding something menacing. I’m not usually a thriller kind of gal, but this mythological terror is intriguing. 

Out April 16th!

Muse of Fire: World War I as Seen Through the Lives of Soldier Poets by Michael Korda

Typically, long subtitles just turn me off, but here we’re discussing the fact that Amazon is ruining the world, and I can get behind this. The Amazon reporter for the WSJ, Mattioli tells the story I try to tell people, but backed by research and footnotes, so there. 

Out April 16th!

The Everything War: Amazon's Ruthless Quest to Own the World and Remake Corporate Power by Dana Mattioli 

Poets record the truth of history in a way no one else can. Korda tells the stories of several WWI soldier poets whose words and lives illuminate the heroism and tragedy of war. He also brings their words into the greater context of today’s conflicts. 

Out April 23rd!

Bite by Bite: Nourishments and Jamborees by Aimee Nezhukumatathil 

This collection of essays is not just about food, but about how food evokes our associations and remembrances. Like her lovely collection of nature writing, World of Wonders, this book is a series of vignettes stitched together by personal and intimate reflections.   

Out April 30th!

Here are our Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Children's New Releases!

The Reappearance of Rachel Price by Holly Jackson

About a teenage girl who is trying to search for her missing mother that is till she appears as a true crime documentary starts its filming. Holly Jackson is back at it again with another new thriller with all the twists and turns you could want. 

Out April 2nd!

Proper Badger Would Never! by Lauran Glattly, illustrated by Rob Sayegh

This mischievous little badger was accidentally invited to a birthday party and has to work his hardest to not misbehave. Look at that cover even if he did something wrong, he clearly didn’t mean to. 

Out April 2nd!

A Game of Noctis by Deva Fagan

This thrilling fantasy is about a young girl who must play a deadly game to save her grandfather. Let me be honest, the cover 100% is what brought me in the premise helped me stay.  

Out April 9th!

We Want Our Books: Rosa's Fight to Save the Library by Jake Alexander 

A rebellious picture book about protest and the joy of reading. For all your little book lovers who have a rebellious streak to them.

Out April 9th!

Tiny Troubles: Nelli's Purpose by Sophie Diao

These two small plants who have big troubles and even bigger questions, for all those curious kids out there. Also look at this art, look how cute it is.    

Out April 9th!

The One That Got Away with Murder by Trish Lundy 

A girl must confront her dark past when she gets pulled into a murder investigation involving her new fling and his brother. Listen I’m a huge fan of YA thrillers and this one seems right up my alley. 

Out April 16th!

Kill Her Twice by Stacey Lee

A historical thriller set in the 1930’s, there was a murder in Chinatown and sisters May, Gemma, and Peony suspect foul play and decide to investigate. Honestly, I’m usually not the biggest fan of historical fiction but the mix of thriller definitely has me interested. 

Out April 23rd!

Off with Their Heads by Zoe Hana Mikuta  

A Korean inspired Alice in Wonderland that also happens to be queer, what more can I say. The cover being beautiful is also a bonus. 

Out April 23rd!

Song of the Six Realms by Judy I Lin

A musician is swept away to the Celestial Realm by a handsome duke, I’m a fan of romantasy as well as this author. The cover also happens to be super pretty. Can you tell I like pretty books?  

Out April 23rd!

Floof by Heidi McKinnon 

In this picture book, the cutest, floofiest cat has a very busy, very mischievous day! Look at floof she can do no wrong.

Out April 23rd!


Despite spending decades on the East Coast, Llalan--our book buyer--remains a stalwart Midwesterner. And although she has an MA in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College in Boston, she prefers the life of a Bookstore Lady. Llalan loves literary fiction, nature writing, and craft beer.

Jordan, our YA, middle grade, and children's book buyer, has a fraternal twin sister. She has never been on an airplane--the farthest she has ever traveled was New Jersey by train. She is an avid K-Pop Collector and owns over 500 K-Pop albums!

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