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Kramers Gift Guide 2019 #2

a close up of a book shelf filled with books


Round 2 of our 2019 Gift Guide! 


For your retired grandparents who just moved to down South

a bunch of items that are on display

"Just like Grandma used to make," but better.


For the annoying uncle who always brings up politics at the dinner table

a close up of a sign

This will give him something to talk about.


The Stephen King collection for your younger cousin who's finally old enough to handle scary books

a book shelf filled with books

*Kramers is not responsible for any winter break nightmares. Sorry!


These fit into stockings!

a close up of a book shelf 

Great for when you run out of things to talk about with those relatives you see once a year!


A gift for them and a gift for you! (Receive $25 to use in the bookstore or cafe when you purchase $100 in gift cards)

a stack of flyers on a table next to a book shelf

This is the nice way to tell a friend "you should read more."


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