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In Conversation with Danny Olmes: Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy

In Conversation with Danny Olmes: Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy at Kramers



In Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy, Danny Olmes presents a collection of short stories—all true events from his life—to not only chart his spiritual progression but also inspire readers to find a new road to happiness. Along the way, he offers simple but powerful lessons. The book is an open invitation to everyone to be more mindful of the extraordinary possibilities within our reach and the love all around us every day.


Daniel Stuart Olmes is a husband, father of twins, entrepreneur, and aerospace and defense executive residing outside of Washington, D.C., in the Northern Virginia suburbs. Currently the president and chief operating officer of a mid-sized government contractor, he is an avid reader, runner and volunteer, spending most of his time on the baseball field as a Little League coach. He has founded two companies: Middleburg Capital, a commercial real estate investment firm, and Hellen Systems, a technology company focused on a national security initiative to create a ground-based backup for the Global Positioning System (GPS). He earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at Virginia Tech in 2000.