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Desserts Ice Cream
Lemon Berry Mascarpone Cake 8.75
lemon cake w/berries layered w/mascarpone
served w/whipped cream; berries; drizzled w/raspberry purée

Blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake 8.75
white chocolate cheese cake
swirled w/puréed blueberry
served w/fresh whipped cream; mango & raspberry purées

Chocolate Mousse Cake 8.75
chocolate cake layered w/chocolate mousse
covered w/chocolate ganache
fresh whipped cream; drizzled w/chocolate syrup & raspberry purée

Chocolate Nutella Torta 8.75
cake made w/ground toasted almonds & hazelnuts
layered w/milk chocolate cream
covered w/Nutella chocolate icing
served w/fresh whipped cream
drizzled w/chocolate & caramel syrups

Salted Caramel Vanilla Cake 8.75
white cake swirled w/caramel cake
layers of salted caramel & white chocolate custard
covered in caramel; served w/fresh whipped cream
dusted w/Little Pete’s fairy dust; drizzled w/chocolate syrup

Rustic Apple Tart 8.75
flake pastry crust filled w/spiced apple
fresh out of the oven
drizzled w/caramel syrup & raspberry purée
dusted w/crushed Café spiced walnuts

Ice Cream Treats

Dysfunctional Family Sundae 7.75
vanilla ice cream, amaretto-soaked chocolate brownie
hot fudge, nuts & whipped cream topped w/raspberry puree

Cafe Hot Fudge Sundae 7
vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, nuts & whipped cream
topped w/raspberry puree


Our dessert list rotates according to whim & season
some desserts may not be available

Apple Crumb Pie - crunchy streusel topping
Mixed Fruit Crumble - w/cinnamon ice cream
Peach Cobbler - w/vanilla ice cream
Blueberry Pie - w/vanilla ice cream
Key Lime Pie - real key lime
Pecan Pie - caramel, pecans, bourbon
Pumpkin Pie - w/cinnamon ice cream
Carrot Cake - cream cheese butter icing
Cafe Cheesecake - New 'Yawk' Style
Double Chocolate Cake - chocolate, chocolate
Red Velvet Cake - red cake w/cream cheese icing
Death By Chocolate - flourless chocolate to die for
Goober Pie - for the peanut butter lover in you

Served a la Mode 2.95 additional

Our Dessert List Rotates Seasonally
Please check our Display Case

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